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43,90 EUR*
Details Practicing Responsible Tourism

Practicing Responsible Tourism This book of tourism case studies addresses 20 important themes in tourism at the local, regional, and national levels. Topics include community tourism, tourism impacts, and travel and transportation. Full description

104,99 EUR*
Details Leisure Migration: Sociological Study on Tourism (Tourism Social Science S.): A Sociological Study on Tourism

Leisure Migration Providing an account of developments in the sociology of international tourism, this book analyses the relationships between international tourism and the economic determinants of world system. It also aims to understand "leisure ...

127,45 EUR*
Details Accessible Tourism: Concepts and Issues (Aspects of Tourism (Hardcover))

Accessible Tourism Inclusion disability, ageing population and tourism are increasingly important areas of study due to their implications for both tourism demand and supply. This book therefore sets out to explore and document the current theoretical ...

114,70 EUR*
Details SLOW TOURISM (Aspects of Tourism (Hardcover))

Slow Tourism This book examines the emerging phenomenon of slow tourism, addressing growing consumer concerns with quality leisure time, environmental and cultural sustainability, as well as the embodied experience of place. Drawing on a range of ...

23,82 EUR*
Details Developing a Dream Destination: Tourism and Tourism Policy Planning in Hawai'i

Developing a Dream Destination is an interpretive history of tourism and tourism policy development in Hawai'i from the 1960s to the twenty-first century. Part 1 looks at the many changes in tourism since statehood (1959) and tourism's imprint on ...

127,45 EUR*
Details Mallorca and Tourism: History, Economy and Environment (Aspects of Tourism (Hardcover))

Mallorca and Tourism This book provides a comprehensive and detailed critical analysis in English of the tourism industry in Mallorca. With origins in the end of the nineteenth century, the emphasis is on the development of mass tourism since the mid ...

64,65 EUR*
Details Tourism and Sex: Culture, Commerce, and Coercion (Tourism, Leisure and Recreation)

Tourism and Sex With the appearance of AIDS/HIV, a new impetus has been given to research in the field of travel and tourism. Considerable attention has also been given to the impact which international tourism has had on the development of commercial ...

90,02 EUR*
Details Information and Communication Technologies for Sustainable Tourism (Advances in Tourism)

Information and Communication Technologies for Sustainable Tourism Sustainable development is a highly topical issue and is of critical importance to tourism as the environment is of utmost importance for the continued development and prosperity of ...

44,19 EUR*
Details Tourism Impacts, Planning and Management

"Tourism Impacts, Planning and Management" is a unique text, which links these three crucial areas of tourism - impacts, planning and management. Tourism impacts are multi-faceted and therefore are difficult to plan for and manage. "Tourism Impacts ...

95,52 EUR*
Details Tourism in Global Society: Place, Culture, Consumption

Tourism in Global Society This volume analyzes tourism by focusing on tourism in terms of consumption, commodification, and the political and cultural economy. The relationships between tourism, globalization, people and place are explored in an ...

35,31 EUR*
Details Climate Change and Tourism: From Policy to Practice (Tourism, Environment and Development)

Climate Change and Tourism The contribution of tourism to climate change, and the likely consequences of climate change for key tourist destinations, has been well reported and discussed. Yet, there is a lack of evidence-based systematic practical ...